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Nipple Covers – Silicone

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We're all about #FreeTheNipple but sometimes you want to be remembered for something other than your nipples! Vixxen Nipple Covers are sure to cure anyone’s desire for the smoothest and most discreet look. 

Why you need them?

If you've got an important meeting or presentation coming up where you need to be the star of the show not your nipples, then our Vixxen Silicone Nipple Covers – which are so light you forget they are on – are re-useable and best of all, are one size-fits all.

+ Use with or without a bra, under the most revealing gown, t-shirt or swimwear
+ Wear them with swim, gym wear to reduce nipple chafing
+ It has an absorbent centre which moulds to your shape… sooo discreet and comfortable 
+ Hypoallergenic so they will not cause reddening or pain in the sensitive nipple areas 
+ Beige colour is available 

How it works?

Apply on your clean, dry moisturiser-free nipples. Peel off protective film, then place one on at a time onto each nipple and press firmly to secure.
To remove, simply peel off skin gently... too easy!!!