Vixxen Red Label. Game–changing period pants.

Vixxen Partner Program Frequently Asked Questions

Here's the link to the registration form. It's a quick and simple form to fill out and will only take a minute.

We'll pay you out 10% commission on all sales every month that come through your personalised partner link. That's money back to your Club and your members benefit.

  1. Any sales made via the personalised partner link we will provide you, will be attributed to your partner account.
  2. We'll automatically calculate your commissions on all sales via your affiliate link. Example, a club member purchased an item for $29.99. We'll calculate your commission at 10% and exclude GST from the commission. $2.99 for that order will accumulate inside your partner account.
  3. We'll pay you out the total of all commissions accrued througout the month and pay in full all commissions (excluding GST) to the bank account you nominated inside your partner account.
  4. You can also keep track of all sales & earned commissions by logging into your partner dashboard

Sure! The more people who use your link and purchase Vixxen Red Label Period Underwear, the more your Club will earn back 10% commission on every sale.

Log in to the partner portal using the same email and password combination you used to register. You'll find your partner link. You can copy it from the dashboard.