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Breast Lift Tape

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Sometimes you want extra support in dresses and tops where without the need for industrial strength over shoulder boulder holders. Breast Lift Tape to the rescue!

Why you need it?

If you want to venture out braless to make backless or strapless looks take centre stage, our disposable, self adhesive, invisible Vixxen Breast Lift Tape instantly and discreetly lifts your breasts from the top for invisible and smooth support. This tape is perfect with swimwear, deep plunging clothing, backless and strapless styles.

This is another cheeky and daring way to express yourself. Adding breast lift tape to your superstar look with give you all the support you need with all the freedom you love! Fits sizes from A to D. 

How it works?

Not only will our discrete breast lift tape give you the breastlicious shape you want, it's also quick and easy to apply when you want the extra WOW factor:

+ Start with clean, dry skin free from moisturiser. Remove the lower backing (A)
+ Place the adhesive part on your breast as shown on the picture you'll have received with your Breast Lift Tape 
+ Remove the top backing (B) using both hands and pull upwards to the desired position
+ Press firmly to secure and repeat the the same process for your other breast.

Safety advice

If you are a first time user, please try the product for a few hours to introduce your skin to the tape. Do not do so when you are exposed to the sun for a long period.

The following is a recommended guide on how to best use our products. It is important to follow this advice to ensure you have the best experience with your purchase.

+ Do not use the Breast Lift Tape on damaged or inflamed skin and do not wear it overnight for more than 6 hours.
+ Take extra care during warmer months as this area tends to perspire the most. Do not stay in direct sun. Abrasions and blisters can happen when the skin overheats.
+ When using the tape, users may experience raised bumps, itchiness, slight redness, sweat bubbles or discolouration on the skin, all of which are temporary and will not have any long-lasting effects.
+ If you are prone to heat rashes, we recommend trying out the product in a test run.
+ Breast Lift Tape is not recommended for breast size bigger than D Cup. Injury may occur as the tape may cause abrasions and friction blisters.

What to avoid:

+ Stretching the tape as friction bubbles may occur
+ Applying to sunburnt skin or skin that has been in the sun for a long period
+ Swimming or sunbathing with the tape on
+ Rubbing the tape as the heat and friction can result in blistering
+ You can apply another layer of tape next to the last but do not overlap
+ Never apply in the centre of the chest where the skin is thinner, and only to the intended breast area

Always follow our instructions and safety advice. Breast Lift Tape can sometimes cause skin irritation and blisters.

Follow our guide and application advice to best avoid any skin irritation. Irritation can be but is not limited to sweat bubbles, overheating, friction and strain. Take extra caution in the warmer seasons and when wearing tight clothing, as there is a higher chance of skin irritation. Keep cool in warm environments and ensure puling of the tape has not occurred during the application process.

Sweat bubbles are the result of a perspiration build up and when strain or friction from the tape has occurred.  If you think this has happened while wearing the tape, be mindful not to tear the skin or open the bubbles when peeling off the tape. These bubbles are similar to a foot blister and will fade over time. They will appear at the top edges of where it is applied.

Skin sensitivity varies between users; Vixxen cannot guarantee any user will or will not experience any of these implications from use. To use responsibly, read our wear guide and follow our advice.


Start with clean, dry skin free from moisturiser and self-tanning products. Remove the lower backing (A). Place the adhesive part on your breast as shown on the picture you'll have received with your Breast Lift Tape. Remove the top backing (B) using both hands and pull upwards to the desired position. Press firmly to secure and repeat the same process for your other breast.

When removing the product, avoid tearing from dry skin. Instead, use an oil or oil based product to gently remove the tape and apply it around the edges to stop any pulling of the skin. Take it slow and gently remove starting from the bottom and working your way up.